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The Exhibition

A detail of your interior, a human being you love, a photographic memory, a reproduction of a Master's canvas can be transformed into true work of art. On parchment, old paper, old ivory or on copper, the miniature makes it possible to reproduce with refinement, in the respect of the tradition, a whole pallet of subjects.

My technique acquired for now 20 years, has allowed a true work close to old with the colors (gouache, watercolour or oil), the ornaments (gold sheet), the details of formerly.

The enluminure thereafter gave rise to the miniature on ivory, characteristic from its preciosity and its convex framework, this art of the windows can offer the same possibilities of command as enluminure.

Worked at the point on old ivory sheet, the elegance which emanates from this precision generates a single part.

Coming from a training in workshop near the largest specialists, I acquired today the control of this art of the meticulousness and put my passion in various works like the realization of a label, the illustration of a limited series book but also the restoration of old parts. I also took part in several demonstrations and obtained various prices.

The miniature as enluminure has the magic to transform great subjects into small size ones and especially to fix for ever a memory on precious materials.

The Exhibition

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