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The Lawsuit of Jeanne d'Arc
Work of bibliophilism


In a work of bibliophilism of a rare artistic quality, the great figure and the destiny of Jeanne d' Arc appear in a way moving thanks to an undeniable historical document which restores the same words of heroin and reveals its personality fully lasting the continuation of a business educated on command of the king Henri VI who was entitled " rex Francorum and Angliae. " The original manuscript of the Lawsuit of judgment of Jeanne, preserved at the Library of the National Assemblée, very accurately translated from Latin by Jean Rattaud, establishes the text of our edition.

The WORK of 256 pages, with the format in-4 raisin (25x33 cm), is printed on a white vellum of Rives pure rag, with fringes and is made in filigree.

The COMPOSITION forms the text with a font of Baskerville, without cut nor repetition at the end of the line. Each page of the book is decorated with original figures determining in height the pure typography of Jean Paul Vibert. The reference letters are the work of Monique Vibert.

The ILLUSTRATION is of Annie Curtat. At one time miniaturist on ivory, the artist shows a talent refined in the tradition of the enluminé Book, evokes the childhood of the Virgin, her rides through France torn by the One hundred Years War, the battles delivered against the invader, the crowning of Charles VII in Rheims, the lawsuit and the torment of Jeanne.

16 ORIGINAL BOARDS decorate the work: 8 inset plates and a departure of the book required very many colors; the illustrations on full page required more than forty passages to the stencil key set with the hand. The 7 in-text present different framings and were reproduced two colors, also with the stencil key set.

The BINDING is in full goatskin dark blue, raised by gold, the silver and the engraved relief of the decoration. The flyleafs are equipped with gray moire fabric, the contreplats enriched with one plank to the fine gold; the head is gilded. A beautiful case bordered of leather protects this sumptuous binding, entrusted to the Binding of Art of the Center, of exclusiveness for

23, rue Baudouin
Paris 13ème

Real format 110 X 115 mm

starting In-text of the book 25 colors (30 stencil key sets)


The Exhibition

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