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15, rue des Moines
75017 Paris

Tel : 01 46 27 66 30

The Exhibition

"Well, is that painting, this struggle, this turmoil, a good while before the production, before the prettiness at the canvas window ? A fight hand, indeed, with the world!... What matters here is the fire living within a woman as in the centre of the earth ; fire which will render her sight more demanding. The spectator is called upon to leap into the unknown with her, to experience the shock of this volcanic summon. And if we had, as all that is alive, the need of spitting out our lava against the face of heavens where gods wait to be reawakened ? ... Painting would be there to express that. Then that is painting when it is true !"

Michel Chapuis, France-Culture

CARRIZEY exhibits also 100 Art works :
Volcanos, seascapes, birds, landscapes, masks, ... Oils, watercolors, pastels, ...



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