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Christophe MOURTHÉ

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Make-up and hairstyle by DENIS MENENDEZ

In venitian palaces under twilights


The CASANOVAS were created for the first time in 1983 by Christophe Mourthé (photographer) and Denis Menendez (make-up artist) when they were only 23 and 20 years old respectively. Why did they choose these characters and this period?

At the beginning of the 80' S, Christophe Mourthé has photographed some very famous movies and theater directors as Fellini or Zeffirelli. He also met Denis Menendez who was a make-up and hair artist of real genius. They worked together with the same ideal.

"We had the same references as Barry Lindon, Casanova from Fellini, Don Giovanni from Losey, Sade...References of luxury and decadence, dreams and magic of pictures, masks, sex and so on..."The 17/18 centuries were great period for these themes...We decided to go to Venice , a magical town, that makes life and dreams seem like Theater.

For 12 years now, our characters have been disturbing the public and it is the secret of their success too. People like to be unsettled and look for this quality.We had some successful exhibitions (Venice, Turin, Los Angelès or Paris) and a book of course which is in preparation at the moment.

All the costumes and masks are original. The most beautiful castles and palaces were opened to welcome Christophe Mourthé and Denis Menendez ' s famous Casanovas. We are the only one doing this kind of photographic work which looks like 17/18 century paintings.
"The style of the pictures and characters changes with our life and feelings..."

ARTISTES LIBRES presents the CASANOVAS photographic series .
We hope you will appreciate this photographic study which is unique in its style.

Available as 16 Postcards in Luxe edition.
Price 30 dollars include shipping.
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The Exhibition

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