Hélène FAREY

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Hélène FAREY

XXth century - French

Painter of types, portraits,
landscapes, seascapes, still lives

Since 1938, Hélène FAREY has taken part in all major Paris Art Shows

She was member of the Comittee and Jury of "FRANCE D'OUTRE-MER" ( France Overseas) :
She is a Comittee and Jury Member in the Taylor Foundation

She was a Graduate of the Institut de France ( French Institute ) in 1948, 1969 and 1979

Between 1936 and 1993, she participated in 32 private shows, mostly in Paris, Tunis, Casablanca, Cairo, New-York, Copenhague, Tokyo, Tonnerre( France)

Some of her works have been acquired by the French State and the City of Paris, the Musée Rolin in Autun, France ( "A Fez - Maroc "), the Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu in Tonnerre, France ( "Orage dans l'Yonne"), and the Musée of Noyers sur Serein, France ( a set of oil paintings and gouaches )

Listed in Washington's "National Museum of Women",and "Bénézit"'s dictionnary of painters and sculptors.

She is the widow of the famous painter Roger Nivelt.

The Exhibition

A painter, a work :

Hélène Farey, Inspired and Authentic

This painter of the "expressionist school" has behind her a long career punctuated with individual or group exhibitions, a variety of prizes and awards, among which travel scholarships (Tunisia in 1942, Morocco in 1952, Egypt in 1956 ). What strikes immediately is a permanence in style, found at a very early stage it appears, as her landscapes of 40 years ago do not differ much, on the plane of pictorial achievement, from to-day's paintings.

Much-travelled, mostly inspired by the dazzle of Mediterranean colors and light, Hélène Farey has favored powerful and lively everyday scenes, like "Tunisian Cafés",full of bustle and glow, or her "Tunisian embroideresses", bent on their work in a sunflooded wall-enclosed yard, with fine blue shades ; not to mention her vision of Spain, whose rather geometrical, almost cubist, rendering stresses the severity of the village's dwelling ; or again Venice, the eternal love of artists the world over, whose secret soul she captures, in the silence and humble poetry of lesser-known areas where tourists seldom wander.

The poet Léon-Paul Fargue, in the presentation of one of her shows, used the phrases "an infinity of contrasts" and "trim exhilarition", to characterize Hélène Farey' s art.

This generous and stimulating artist's unabating enthusiasm must be shared on a leisurely visit to her pleasant studio, set in an area of Paris which always was the refuge of artists from every country. Make an appointment to come and browse among her multifold production, whose panache and unaffected beauty expresses itself in the spontaneousness and ever-renewed jubilation of creation.

Donatella Micault
La Presse Française
1988 (trans. J. Favier 1997)

The Exhibition

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