Anne-Marie LAMBEY


It all began with a photo-walk along the ponds, searching for flamingos.
They were not there.
Weather was very fine and I continued on my stroll, searching for other images.
Finally I arrived at the sea side.
The air was brisk and the beach deserted.
We could only hear the rustling waves full of foam on the pebbles.

A pebbly beach!
It was a beautiful sight.
I stayed there for a while, sitting on the ground, watching and listening.

I took some pictures and then I started to collect pebbles: flat, round, various coloured, white or yellow streaked...

So I chose the most beautiful ones and I varnished them to preserve their wet appearance.
For the others I enjoyed myself painting them, led by my imagination.
Here is the result.

Anne-Marie Lambey
February 2005

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