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The Exhibition

MARTINI-LAVANTURE is a woman artist, ex-student from "l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Chevalier des "Arts, Sciences et lettres", member of "Salon d'Automne", "Salon des Indépendants". She won many prizes and golden medals in various exhibitions in french and foreign provinces.

She began to paint "The poetic reality" in many landscapes, especially from South of France, then after an intellectual and spiritual development, she turned her work to the "Symbolism and the Surrealism".

Jean CHAVANON wrote in "Le peintre" (November 1980) :

"The landscapes by MARTINI-LAVANTURE give us an oxygen bottle. Drawing harmonizes with painting in a poetic reality."

Pierre BERENI wrote in "l'Europe des Arts" (December 1988) :

"MARTINI-LAVANTURE creates with emotion the cold and mysterious scale where the modulating glance of the voice and the gesture are getting more lively. Passionately she makes a conquest of a rich and various pictorial universe, drawing in the light an odd and somptuous shape.
In MARTINI-LAVANTURE Art work, feeling seems like a systematic and conscious temptation. The fixity of the hypnotist look reveals the beauty of the magic and emblematic woman. The exalting of this fanatic symbolism invites men in thought."

The Exhibition

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