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Marcelle CRÉPY

The Exhibition


Marcelle CRÉPY born in PARIS
- 55, rue du Montparnasse - 75014 - PARIS -

The Exhibition

"To my mind it appears that MARCELLE CRÉPY produces by the help of canvas and brushes, according to esoteric recipes, objects, the destiny of which is relaxing heart, untying nerves,clearing brain. Watching them properly during a long time, and you feel that these paintings are mysterious and effective magic machines."


Subtile paintings of MARCELLE CRÉPY

"Her work, result of a past of study and reflexion has been exposed to us for our delight. Each painting is strictly composed, by the means of harmonies, contrasts of lights and subtle geometries. MARCELLE CREPY exalts beauties and youth of nature..."

MADELEINE OCHSE. Critic of art.

The Exhibition

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