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Marie-France RIVIERE

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The Exhibition

Talented painter, famous for her portraits, her "Maternities", and her bunches of flowers, Marie-France RIVIERE is giving her preference to the Drawing from the very beginning. Using her "refined drawing line" she succeeds in her favorite theme : the feminine nude.
We are fascinated at once by the purity and the simplicity of lines, the charm of attitudes, the ideal and magic beauty of models. This woman's vision by a woman is quite unique in contemporary Art.

Claude Mourthé
critic and writer

I am very impressed and delighted by purity of lines and perfect relief. These women are having sunlight in their bodies, their souls, and their minds. Their questioning looks seem waiting for an answer and are offering us a lovely and warm presence... Marie-France RIVIERE works are just perfect.

Paul Vidal
sculptor and critic

The Exhibition

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To see the whole collection by Marie-France RIVIERE, go to :

Marie-France RIVIERE on Expo2000. Women's Portraits & Nudes.

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