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The Exhibition

ittle girl, Marie-France already drew the world around her : her parents, her family, her friends, landscapes, trees and flowers...From her sweet native Gascogne to the misty Rhine Valley, and Austria, by the way of Spain, Portugal and Morocco suns...

In Auch High-School she was the "designer" for all the entertainments : theater plays, parties...When she was a young teenager, her art-work (on large decorative panels ) was frequently exhibited and began very famous in Gascogne.

Then she went for a year in Virginia (USA) where she learned about "Art History" at College.

hen she came back home, she hesitated between the fashion, advertising and the drawing, and she chose the Drawing. She studied Plastic Arts (Académie Julian in Paris with famous painter Mac Avoy as master).

Auch (France), birthplace of the artist.      

From her marriage and the birth of her son, she painted light maternities, sweet portraits of her little son. She also drew many soft nudes as graceful as ballerinas, and always omnipresent bunches of flowers...

hen came the amazing and productive period of "Eggs"! During four years, she painted every day on small wooden eggs. Each egg was a small fine "miniature" picture, in miscellaneous & delightful topics : especially cats, peacocks, ducks, flowers, aerostats, and sailboats!...How to put a large sailboat on an egg? That is the question! Nevertheless she could do it : 400 eggs sold in parisian and foreign shops ("South America Cultural Exhibition" in Monaco, 1986)

fter eggs, she came back to portraits and nudes (crayon, pencil, charcoal, red chalk, Indian ink, Sepia, gouaches). These romantic or gracefully erotic series show melancholy of a look, beauty of a body, charm of an attitude. Search for beauty is present everywhere.
Then the Artist exhibits her works at "Salon des Indépendants" in Paris.

he first goal of Marie-France is always to perfect her drawing. She believes that drawing is the Major Art, Fine drawer with sensibility and feminity, she wants to make all her efforts to reach as near as possible The pure line and transmit the perfect estheticism and the beauty of the Soul.

ith Marie-France, "They let one enter a world of light and charm.", as said a kind visitor of the gallery. Wonderful art-drawing adventure...

The Exhibition

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