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Monette JOYEUX

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Painted in withdrawal –unique (only) creations – the cooking of tables (pictures) makes in a temperature of 750° during six hours, before cooling. Motives are repainted in its entirety 3 ou 4 times and recuits in the same temperature to obtain wished nuance. It is indeed the heat which allows the colours to glaze and to acquire their brightness, their transparency and the become unchanging. That it is about a simple motive or about an elaborated composition it is an important stage of the decorator, she asks for imagination and for sensibility.

All the arts, I do not know about it of more adventurous, of more vague, and so of more noble, that the arts which call upon the fire.

little artist paradise

Irischwoman, with TUB9, I decide in 1993, to resume my vocation first which was painting and creation. By visiting the Museum on Limoges blowof lightning – for the painting on earthenware and china.

Having made Fine art in Reims, I decide to start again in zero, and to make trainings in Limoges,Gien and switzerland, this asks me for 2 years.

I think that on inherits from the enthusiasm to achieve whatone begins, perseverance, curiosity, envy (urge) to progress. To paint is a dream which asks for fitness, for patience and for humility. It is an art which questions our knowledge I travelled so then through France and foreigner to communicate my passion.

In these journeys, Ireceveid some recompenses.

Vaucluse - Silver Metal “Art Femina” for the category “Decorative arts”

Monaco - Diploma od Honor put back (handed) by Consul General of Japan in Monaco

Salon d’Art Contemporain à Saint-Tropez - 83000

Galerie Art en Liberté à Bandol - 83150

Galerie d’Art «  Les Chevalets de Provence » à Castillon - 06500

Salon International de Peinture – Menton

Exposition au Cloître du Monastère St Jean l’Evangeliste à Parme (Italie)

The Exhibition

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