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MARCEL QUENCEZ french painter born in 1912

At first litograph, Marcel QUENCEZ is an unconditional lover of the Renaissance : Raphaël, Titien, Michel-Ange; Van Eyck and others Flemish. His friends use to call him "The Boticelli of the 20s". He is not concerned either by the fashions, either by the judges too often biased. His Masters are the Nature and its delicate wonders, reproduced with an irreplaceable technique : drawing, charcoal, red chalk, water colour, ink pen, gouache, oil. His equals graded him Master of pastellist art.

Landscapes, still life paintings, nudes, portraits, reconstitutions from documents, all art works, all ordered works are treated of by Marcel QUENCEZ.
Art critic Emile de BONGNIE said: "...He is the painter of pearly carnations, with thousand of sweetnesses and poetic details; first premium grade drawer, with a high technique, he is the painter of the woman, as well in oil or in pastel".

Fifteen golden medals, golden Trophy in "Festival de Cannes 1970", Marcel QUENCEZ is the founder -president of "l'Atelier Renaissance", organized with artists according to his affinities, with an annual "Salon Renaissance" created in 1986. Retrospective of 200 art works in Versailles ( "70 years of painting" ) will be the 350th exhibition of this artist who wants to be classical, realistic and ...of the Renaissance.

The Exhibition

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