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Jacques ROGER

The Exhibition

Jacques ROGER
Artiste peintre
2, Rue Gauthey
75017 Paris

Jacques Roger was born on the 18th of October 1950 in Paris.
As he was 17 years old, he passed his exams to the School of Arts in Paris, Madame street. Two years later he had his first exhibition in the castle of Saint-Ouen. He then had a job offer as a decorator at “Structures Internationales” in Montreuil, where he stayed till 1980.

He travelled for a whole year, inhaling the colours of nature. After coming back he opened his own gallery “Aquarève” in February 1982. Health problems stop his dreams and the gallery closes in 1985. Since that time the artist devotes himself totally to abstract painting; he returned to Brittany where he wished to expose his works in the old family house inherited from his grandfather.

But fate decides otherwise for him.
Health and family troubles make him come back to Paris. The artist paints watercolours and oil paintings.

He thinks of art as The way to express the personal feelings he wants to share with others.

The result is a mixture of eighty percent pain and twenty percent joy. The paintings of Jacques ROGER are composed of geometrical forms and various full colours, brushed from time to time with some symbolic apparitions. They activate the inspiration of the receiver.
They trouble as if they begged to be watched again in a short period of time. One can find everything but carelessness there.

Elements of cubism and impressionism may be noticed in the colour construction; however it is not the most important. The works of Jacques ROGER are first of all an explosion of colours.
The artist joggles with forms. Often they are aggressive, overpowering, sometimes they flow apart in a dreaming tone, but never indifferently. At first they evoke feelings, then reflections. They erupt from the depth as the lava of a volcano. A very individual style. One gets the impression of a constant reconstruction, powerful and masculine. They shock, they inspire to an interior discussion: why in that way. Instinctively one analyses the construction and composition and reads the colours.

Laconic with words, Jacques ROGER talks generously by the means of drawing and colour. Sensitive forms organise the space in harmony with the patches of colours. The most important thing for the artist is not the canvas but the unity with other beings obtained by its means. The artist is very much conscious of his solitude in a world so restless and lively.

A human feature is the wish to share joy or anxieties with others, in any chosen language possessing the ability to pass thoughts instinctively.
Organising the space on a painting the artist rebuilds himself, line after line, the hope gets reborn, emerges somewhere on the horizon in order to develop and explode in a colour.
Instinctively it reminds me of a fable: a child lost in a forest, deciding to follow the direction of a castle noticed through the branches of a tree.
As the child approaches, the castle moves further away.
The child decides to return and walks for a long time again. Suddenly, when exhausted he turns back his head and notices that he stands on the threshold of a beautiful, luminous castle.

Who is he? What does he want?

This artist, who searches for himself and creates his personality by the means of painting; whenever he finds himself a wink always sparkles but the canvas stays as the only witness of this fragile existence.
The pictures are the reflection of this and they multiply the kaleidoscope of the expressive techniques, the nearness and the distance of the concrete, the violence of chaos and rupture; the beauty and freedom of the fully composed life-visions.
But one day a single glance at these pictures shows a burdening evidence of his failure, mistake and most of all yearning for love.

How to live? How to paint?


1999 - " Varsovie 99,Teatr Polski " Exposition inaugurée par un amical récital de K. SZOSTEK-RADKOVA, mezzo-soprano. ''Teatr Kameralny'' Ul. Foksal, Varsovie

1999 - " Ateliers d'artistes de Belleville " 10ièmes Journées portes ouvertes " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1999 - ''Cambrils'' Exposition individuelle. Résidence ''Cambrils - Park'', Espagne.

1999 – " Parfums de grenades " Exposition avec récital de l'ensemble  ''Cante Gaïa'' '' L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1998 - " Innsbruck " Galerie VHS (VolksHochSchule) Markgraben 10 Innsbruck, Autriche

1998 - " Ateliers d'artistes de Belleville " Journées portes ouvertes " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1998 - " Récital romantique " Exposition avec l'amicale participation de : A. KONICKI, piano, B.ODASSO, violoncelle. " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1997 - " Récital lyrique " Exposition avec l'amicale participation de : K. SZOSTEK-RADKOVA, mezzo-soprano. " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1997- " Warszawa " Galeria " Lufcik ", Ul. Mazowiecka 11a, Varsovie Pologne

1997- " Les journées de Belleville " " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1996- " L'Imprimerie " " L'Imprimerie ", 22 rue du Plateau 75019 Paris

1995 - " L'Imprimerie " (2 expos) - 22 Rue du Plateau 75019 Paris. - Centre Amarante - Rue Crébillon 75006 Paris.

1994 - Maison des Associations - Le Pré Saint-Gervais 93. - Galerie Avenir Urbain - Paris 75003.

1993 - Théâtre Municipal - Montauban. - Exposition pour les 10ièmes Journées d'Ethique - Dépendances et Créativités Lyon.

1992 - Création et Communication - Espace Philippe Jacquet et Pégaze - Paris. - Tallers d'Art, ACAP BARCELONE C. CALILEO. - " Auberge Espagnole " - galerie Espace à Part - Paris.

1991 - Galerie Espace à Part (2 expositions) - Paris. - Inauguration d'un cabinet médical - Saint-Ouen. - La Marelle - La Gacilly 56. - Salon de la mode enfantine - Paris.

1990 - Galerie Georges Clémenceau - Champceuil. - La Chope Daguerre - Paris. - La Turballe 44420.

1989 - Exposition itinérante - Paris.

1988 - Espace Techoueyeres - Paris. - Salon du 17ième - Paris.

1987 - Centre culturel Cosne - Loire. - Espace Techoueyeres - Paris.

1986 - Galerie Artkcréation - Cergy.

1985 - Foire de Paris - Village des Artisans d'Art. - Groupe Guérande - 44220. - Assérac - 44410. - Galerie Artkcréation - Cergy.

1982 / 1985 - Exposition permanente dans sa propre galerie : Aquarêve - Paris.

1981 / 1982 - Participation à diverses expositions de groupe notamment à Enghien et Guérande.

1972 / 1980 - Agencement et Décoration à ''Structures Internationales'' - Montreuil.


1967 - Ecole d'Arts Plastiques - Paris VI ième (BTS).

The Exhibition

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