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35, rue de Meaux
75019 PARIS

Tel : 01 42 49 31 43

Director of Research Laboratory (Chemistry & Robotics).

Born on February 16th of 1918 in Llupia (East Pyrénées). Paul VIDAL realized several industrial manufacturing processes. In 1965 he set up the first installation in the world completely automatic for the production of expanded phenolic resin, in form of not inflammable panels ("Arts & Technics" Larousse Encyclopedia 1965).

This eminent researcher and inventor devotes himself also to the SCULPTURE and... succeeds, relaxing himself in Sculpture compositions as an outlet. Paul VIDAL creates personal trials with a plasticity of shape, making lines and curves dance with harmony. We are fascinated by the fluidity and the gracefulness of his Art. The curves are beautiful and pure. The bodies seem at once very light and very strong. Finally we could almost have the impression of seeing them moving.

In painting, he juxtaposes a colors and contrasts set that he tries to display in evidence.

It is in Sculpture where he succeeds to the plenitude of a simplification synthesis. In parallel with Maurice de Vlamincq, his artistic creation confer on him a successful result.

The sculpture works of Paul VIDAL are exhibited at the MUSEUM OF ART (Bruxelles) and in various private collections.

Gabriel de GRANDY dit "VALLOBRA" (Critique d'art).




The Exhibition

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