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The Exhibition

"Well, is that painting, this struggle, this turmoil, a good while before the production, before the prettiness at the canvas window ? A fight hand, indeed, with the world!... What matters here is the fire living within a woman as in the centre of the earth ; fire which will render her sight more demanding. The spectator is called upon to leap into the unknown with her, to experience the shock of this volcanic summon. And if we had, as all that is alive, the need of spitting out our lava against the face of heavens where gods wait to be reawakened ? ... Painting would be there to express that. Then that is painting when it is true !"

Michel Chapuis, France-Culture

The watercolours of Carrizey and the life

If the watercolour is, for Carrizey, the vehicle of instantaneous, of spontaneousness, a form of fight with nature, her work with oil is on the contrary a slow ripening, a long reflexion on... water, fire, the birds between others.

Carrizey in her seascapes shows us wise or breaking water; with its rocks, it is the splendid and worrying ground , especially when in anger, it spits of its entrails the lava on fire which comes out of the mouth of the volcanos.

CARRIZEY French painter living 15, rue des Moines 75017 Paris Tel.. 01 46 27 66 30 painted since the 12 years age.

- Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Rouen; Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (Arts-Déco).


LHOTE: but we do not have affinities! - AUJAME, and " Poetic Reality " - workshop where one breathes a freedom apart from the modes - GOETZ where one learns that the rigour, the requirement of the matter, the freedom of the thought and keen work must be combined in creation.


Salon of Autumn (Member), French Artists (Member), National Company of the Art schools (Member), Independent (Member), Arts and Letters of France (Member), Friendly of the Purple Show, Art lovers (Member), Salon of the Navy, Institute European of the Watercolour.


Outside France : Genève, Bruxelles, Liège, Spa, Barcelonne, Abidjan, New-York : vente à Parke Bernet, exposition à la Galerie Duncan, Munich, Prague, Latina-Roma, Chine : Pékin et Hangshou : Délégation de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Tokyo.


Prix international de l'A.J.E.A.F.O.M., prix du Cherche-Midi, Prix du Salon de Versailles et Prix des Médecins, Mention au Salon de la Marine, Prix du Salon de Boulogne 1992 et 1993 : Petits Formats, Grands Formats en 1994. Laurier d'or au Grand Prix International d'A.P.I. en 1994. Commande pour l'Ecole Normale de Rennes, 1980 ; Commande pour la Coopération Agricole Française à Paris; 1986 ; Musée d'Art Contemporain de Latina-Roma : achat d'une toile en 1989.


Chevalier du Mérite culturel et artistique, 1978 ; Médaille de Bronze de la ville de Paris, 1979 Médaille d'Argent d'Arts et Lettres de France, 1991 ; Médaille de la Mairie du IVe de Paris, 1994


Volcanos ; Sicile, Islande, Canaries, La Réunion, Java, Bassin méditerranéen : Italie, Grèce, Rhodes, Turquie, Egypte, Tunisie, Maroc, Espagne, Yougoslavie, IsraŽl, Corse, Sardaigne, Malte, Crète, Etat-Unis, Russie, Asie : Thailande, Java, Sri-Lanka, Chine, Japon.

The Exhibition

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