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This site presents more than 150 photos of chemtrails taken in 2009, from the same place in Rocquencourt, near Versailles. What are chemtrails ? Chemtrails are white trails in the sky, behind aircrafts. I don't know more. Nobody knows more. What we can say is what they are not : they are not contrails, which are trails of condensation that everybody knows, which are very short behind regular planes, and which disappear quickly. Chemtrails are very long. They stay in the sky a very long time (often several hours). With the time, they become very big and finally constitute artificial clouds.

What are these clouds made of ? To do what ? Who is behind this strange operations, which exists since many years, all around the world ? Why no media at all speaks about them ? Only silence from everywhere, but everybody can see them, in every country. Even if you already have seen chemtrails, you'll be amazed by the slide-show of these 150+ photos. Photos are often taken minute after minute (there are the date, hour and minute on the photo) and you will see how artificial clouds are formed.

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