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, french artist, was born in sunny south of France. She is a very talented born artist, passionately fond of Beauty and fond of Drawing to convey it...

When she was just a little girl, her old and revered friend the flamboyant venitian Master Mario Cavaglieri, asked her to never stop drawing...

She studied Art History in Virginia (U.S.A ), Art of Drawing with the famous french Maitre Mac Avoy (Academie Julian. Paris ), Graphic Arts (E.S.A.M. Paris.). On and after 1990 she began exhibitions (Salon des Indépendants. Paris.).

MARIE-FRANCE RIVIERE captures with the same very personal talent, intimist sketches, delicious "Maternites" and children portraits, light flowers, precious miniatures painted on eggs sold all over the world... Nevertheless her favorite theme seems to be the celebration of the woman. She is doing a real great Hymn to the feminine Beauty ! Her outstanding and soft style, is fully showing her dazzling talent in timeless, elegant portraits and nudes of " La Femme mille fois femme... "

Sometimes about her style, critics call to mind Boticelli, Klimt or french drawer Gruau... Much more unpretentious, Marie-France says with sense of humour : "I am the only one at the very beginning of my art.".

This fine artist is a first class portraitist. We are already moved by all these looks ( "Soul windows"). They are all magic, nostalgic or full of attention, dreamy or concentrating, proud or full of complicity, always rich in intelligence, sensibility and mystery.

Sovereign feminity, tender sensuality and charm are irradiating from these nudes ideally harmonious with precise soft graceful tantalizing or peaceful curves. The exquisite light of delicate pastels brights up the lovely pink-sanguine colored bodies.

A radiance, a soul is spreading out from this universe. If sometimes we are catching sight of the Sky through this appealing and serene art : the artist has succeeded in her aim... Beauty from outside and Beauty from inside are linked together. Our soul is captivated. "Rendez-vous" with the magic woman...

Talented painter, famous for her portraits, her "Maternities", and her bunches of flowers, Marie-France RIVIERE is giving her preference to the Drawing from the very beginning. Using her "refined drawing line" she succeeds in her favorite theme : the feminine nude.
We are fascinated at once by the purity and the simplicity of lines, the charm of attitudes, the ideal and magic beauty of models. This woman's vision by a woman is quite unique in contemporary Art.

Claude Mourthé
critic and writer

I am very impressed and delighted by purity of lines and perfect relief. These women are having sunlight in their bodies, their souls, and their minds. Their questioning looks seem waiting for an answer and are offering us a lovely and warm presence... Marie-France RIVIERE works are just perfect.

Paul Vidal
sculptor and critic

Your paintings are my source of inspiration! Your artistic style and technique has always been beautiful and creative; but you have emerged over time. The splendor of your work and perspective has become more diverse and more compelling. I love how you have expanded your themes to cultural events, characters and history, how you have expressed your love for childhood, earth and remembrance through your landscape scenes and tender scenes between parent and child. You have also varied your usage of color, from glorious pastels to the secretive shades of gray, white and pencil. This all enables me, the viewer and the poet, to enjoy the content of your work with enthusiasm, imagination and creative satisfaction. I absolutely adore your new, progressing 2009 collection and look forward to seeing each new painting you devise. Bravo! My dear Sister, Bravo!

Wendy Howe
poetess, New-York

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"Any portrait painted with feeling is the artist's portrait, not the model's one."
Oscar Wilde, "Thoughts".

TEA WITH MADAME RIVIERE (Contemplating her latest work, her 2009 collection.)
                            By Wendy A. Howe

If I were to share some tea in a bone-china cup and a plate of petit fours with French artist, Marie-France Riviere, I would inform Madame that her 2009 collection was as elegant and luxuriously tasteful as our afternoon table with all its fine accessories. Browsing through the various images that capture myth, landscape and feminine charm, one finds him or herself exploring a creative imagination that continues to entice and enrich the observer with each new painting. This talented woman has been the root of inspiration for a majority of my poems. Her brush strokes captivate the eye with sensuous movement and a suffusion of colors that blend into the subject and the canvas. As a result, the characterization of her women or her scenic terrain evokes both emotion and awe.

In her female portraits, I have found aspects of my own identity as a writer and woman. My affinity for her work stems from an inner desire to express the human condition with a sense of vulnerable grace and empathy.  It also inspires me to imagine the possibilities of a person's story, spiritual conflict or aspirations.  Marie-France's own imaginative breadth combines strength with fragility, the whimsical with undercurrents of soft intensity.  And in the end, the overall effect is stunning, a design that allows me as a poet to voice beauty in its most human and accessible form.

Last week, I visited an elegant shop called The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It had a magnificent selection of herbal blends from around the world with a pastel-colored pamphlet that described each type in specific detail.  At that moment, I thought of my dear friend and cherished artist in Paris, Marie-France. This place was a world of fragrant color and flavor that summoned all the senses, that filled the individual with ultimate satisfaction. This was a place that evoked the same intrinsic and intoxicating effect Madame Riviere's paintings have on the soul. Need I say more except that I wish to share an example of how Marie-France's work inspires my poetry. Below is a poem called "Tea ( Haute Couture)" directly inspired by her painting, Portrait de Mademoiselle Printemps.

Tea (Haute Couture)

She waits in the hall
clutching the last, private moments
like a string of pearls,

her gown swirled
in Apricot Ceylon,

her bodice
laced with hyacinth.

At four o'clock, she drifts
through the solarium
humming a song
that shames the flask
brewing coffee over a Bunsen flame.

Her tune is regal
referring to days
when china cups
held her maidenly scent
in high esteem

and silver caught her face
in those beautiful women
who tilted the spout
and watched dark leaves

cluster in the sieve, something
of themselves purified, strained
to absolute grace --- sunlight
and tower bells paired
with the essence of late afternoon.

          © 2011, Wendy HOWE

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Portrait de Mademoiselle Printemps

  Portrait de Mademoiselle Printemps

                              © 2011, Marie-France RIVIERE

"Art work must be seen to exist... The greatest reward for an Artist is to have his art work exhibited and appreciated.
If you convey to the artist the emotion a work instills within you,
the art work becomes fully accomplished, justified and shared in a mutual joy."

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