(Poem by Wendy Howe )
see also the french version

Are you home tonight
sharing silence
with a window?

if so, please dim the lamp
and let its bulb fade
to the glint of pearls

you have seen floating
around a womans neck
at twilight.

Then look at the sky,
and watch her shoulders rise
through the silken wool

of clouds cut low
to match the décolletage
of my sweater,

The one I modeled
when we walked
The Left Bank

and wind blew off the river
whispering my hair
into your lips.

You tasted caramel
and your hand brushed.
soft hills of angora --

as I breathed in
evenings pale slant of fire.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.
To know more about Wendy Howe

(Drawing by Marie-France Rivière)


© 2011, Marie-France Rivière.

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