About Transition

...I love the idea of this free-spirited woman looking out into the horizon, the natural sky line and the one of her dreams and aspirations. I thought of change, of Spring and an emotional awakening within the human soul. I imagined her viewing swallows gathering vines and soil to build their nests. As the birds prepare for the new arrival in their lives, she is made aware of her own, the arrival of a new goal, a dream that has slept within her heart for many years. She hears the birds beginning to nest under her roof of Spanish tiles. Their movement slightly loosens the red shingles, and she feels her own qualms break free. The idea of returning to school and resuming an art career becomes a strong and beautiful motive. Now is her time to grow and reclaim her confidence and forgotton talent. Now is the time in her life when she has less burdens and more financial stability. She can wear freedom on her shoulder blades like a sheer wind instead of fate's heavy stone.
© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.