About Between Us

...I have written another poem for June called "Between Us". It is based on Marie-France's beautiful painting, "Reflets". I was very drawn to the meditative, young woman looking into the mirror during the evening hour. I thought there was both a melancholly sense to her pose and one of romantic yearning. I envisioned a devoted wife, preparing herself for a soft and tender evening with her husband. Yet, her partner is still working in the garden. He is completing a list of chores he desires to finish before twilight ends and the real darkness falls over the landscape. She reflects on their natures. He is practical at times and places everything in order, a list of ideas, dreams, tasks etc. She , in return, is more idealistic but understands how she must relate to him. So in a fashionable order, she tilts the mirror, dims the lamp and brushes out her hair hoping its fragrance and the Spring breeze will remind him that the most important task, and final task of the day is not finishing the trellis but sharing an evening of soft beauty and intimate romance with his wife. The mirror becomes like her crystal ball. It allows her to reflect on the differences that exist between them as well as the need to connect and revitalize their passion. She takes note that the moon is only half full like their bed and that the curtain displays one, lonely shadow when there should be two.
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