About Coolness

...The graceful, Eastern nude in "A l'ombre des palmes" , inspired my newest verse called "Coolness".

Draped in the languid shade of palms, the woman evokes thoughts of heat and a seductive coolness that approaches with evening. That coolness stirs the air with a fragrant awakening. Personified as a feminine motion, she comes slowly out of the shadows and conjures an intimate memory for a man drying laundry on his terrace.

After days of oppressive heat, he is suddenly awakened by this change in weather, this cool breath of evening. Like many who become immersed in a continuous trend, he has forgotten the vitality of a moment, a fresh breeze and love. This sensual air emulates the lady he once loved in an opulent garden. Her presence now returns to him and once more, his dreams float in the rippling coolness of her shadow.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.