About Ripe For A Sonnet

...The beautiful and wistful scene depicted in "J'ai rendez vous avec vous", captivated my imagination. I was drawn to the fluency of the maiden's poise and garments as well as her reflective expression. Framed by the backdrop of a pergola, I was inspired to write a poem called " Ripe For A Sonnet". As the title suggests, this female speaker is in a mellow state of mind.

She is contemplating a poignant situation in her life and has a poetic need to express her angst. Yet, she is stilted by a lack of words. Her sense of creativity can not fill the blank moments of day or evening. Time passes slowly and becomes the memory of forgotten things that require attention like her cat and the roses. Yet, time also reminds her of the need to overcome the damp sadness in her life, to seek the Autumn sun and taste something sweet like glazed chestnuts that will momentarily alleviate her hunger for a lost lover and poetic inspiration. Indeed, she has grown ripe for a sonnet, ready to express her voice in verse ;but like her shadow draping the pergola, that ability remains a figment, a dream that lingers as an afternoon reflection on a garden wall.

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