About Scenario

When viewing this scene, I thought of how that magical moment, near the end of day, can spin light and scenery into random impressions. It's time spinning raw air into the fabric of ideas, stories that evolve from wondering about the woman who sweeps snow and matchsticks that lit Christmas candles from her porch, the sound of a train, or the narrow distance that tumbles down the woods and calls you to follow its path uphill, up and beyond tomrrow. And there is that sense of enchantment dissolving in the rose and salmon colored horizon, a trace of Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger and falling asleep for a certain period of time. Only in this poem, the sleep is a pause, seconds of personal reflection that take us out of the day's routine and allow us to see what is there and then imagine other possibilities.
© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.