About A Glimpse of Paris

In "Revoir Paris", a lady has just returned near dawn from a party that glittered with artists, poets and other celebrated figures of the city. She, herself, is an artist evolving with new trends in art and science; but she's also a female painter in a man's world. During the quiet hours of early evening or morning, she often looks over her balcony at the Parisian skyline. Her mind understands the secretive nature of Paris. She has learned how this exquisite place can teach a young woman many things. Its streets wind through paths of discretion and artistic knowledge. Its lofts and warehouses do not only store merchandise but also the breadth of imaginative skill and talent. Artists live there and she is determined to meet them, study their ways and became a student of Impressionism. She will learn how to act impressed, to impress others and most importantly, how to convey impressions left by light on a scene or object. Last night she mingled with shadows of thought. This morning she will paint with sunlight spread over her garden and lilies opening like her eyes to another glimpse of Paris.
© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.