About Son of Ghent

This beautiful depiction of Ghent or Gand inspired the idea of a young man who is restless yet attached to his city. His heart is torn between the past and present, the old world and new, things possibly dreamed of and things which are familiar and safe.

His girlfriend's shadow on the linen shade is an implied metaphor. Like a label on a bottle of sweet liqueur, her silhouette ,on the window at twilight, is there highlighting the essence of a perfumed evening and all the lovely things a soul can extract or blend from this town's culture and way of life.

Where she is satisfied with small degrees of pleasure, taking common steps each day to gratify her life, he is drawn toward bigger dreams, wider steps that involve a longer distance and more dramatic risk. As an actor, he has a need to explore fate beyond the familiar and extend his imagination into other voices and characters. He strives for adventure beyond those gabled roofs and docked fishing boats. Yet, he envies the sense of contentment she possesses in her view of life; and perhaps, wishes he could also possess a similar outlook.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.