About The Garden's Way

The beautiful "Fête des mères" led to this poem about the spirit of motherhood. From ancient times, there has been a special wisdom handed down from female to female. Our intuition, skills and nurturing capacity are rooted in this earth of natural love and maternal instincts. Daughters become the bountiful extensions of their mothers and stretch their imaginative yearning toward the horizon. In return, they hope to gain fulfillment of personal dreams. These dreams are often ones of creating a good home life and family. Maintaining that goal is an acrobatic feat, a balancing act of heart and mind, roots and wings. Whether their offspring are boys or girls, the ability to light the home, forsee things before they happen and nourish a child's world with beauty and sustenance, is learned by example. And as this example is passed on from one generation to the next, its miraculous growth flowers through every season and in every corner of life. It is the garden's way of defining a mother.
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