About The Artist Addresses Her Own Imagination

This poem inspired by Marie-Frances's beautiful painting, "Autoportrait en cinémascope", is a whimsical look at an artist talking to herself. She realizes there are two sides to her nature and creativity, the ordinary self that stays in the studio completing everyday tasks and the imaginative self that wanders into exotic regions of thought for inspiration. Here, the lovely painter is in her practical mood, counting the antique coins in her collection and drinking herbal tea. She is waiting for inspiration and addresses the absent muse who is off soaking up sun in the Greek Islands and hunting for excitement, ideas that will translate into future works of art.

She is envious yet abides the waiting with patience and knows the other half will return on Sunday, a day set aside for her next painting. Then they will reunite and become the total artist creating a mythical woman on canvas with Botticelli hair and a languid figure that exudes grace and free-spirited charm.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.