Essence is a poem inspired by the beautiful, wind-swept painting of Marie-France called "L'amour". The poem centers around a woman who desires to break away from herself and reawaken to a higher awareness of beauty and passion. Her spirit yearns to become part of the air and dissolve into the exotic landscape of an island where time is only measured by the elements of nature.

She wants to feel the breath of a candle flame, the song of a morning bird, but most of all the poignancy of love, those tender words that come after the quarrel when partners reunite and painful memory is left adrift on the tide where it's ripped apart by the sea bird's hunger. Then she can feel fulfilled and watch daylight ripple across the water like a vibrating chord, a tune that evokes her need for renewal and a personal sense of peace.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.