About Inside December

If we address the month of December as a reflective mind, we might portray it as the wistful lady in Marie-France's lovely painting, "Flashback". Imagine a beautiful woman on the thresh hold of change, both in age and location. She has matured as an artist and as a woman. She has moved from her apartment in Paris to the edge of town with a terrace overlooking The Palace of Versailles. Her suitcases are half unpacked and so are her thoughts about this new place and her creative place in life. As she watches the rain wash her terrace, she looks outside with a cup of tea and a book of pressed leaves on the table.

She thinks about the chill and the fairytale of the match girl who lit three matchsticks to keep warm on the city streets while the snow blew fiercely. Each flame brought comfort to the child vendor with visions of food, family and love. Then, she relates that story to the day she walked in the park gathering leaves and searching for meaning. When pressed against her hand, each leaf ignited an important vision of her life: (1) the day she sat on the Gasgoyne sea cliff as a girl and decided to become an artist, (2) the day her son turned from childhood dreams and entered his passage into adolescence and (3) her move to this new home where future inspiration and confidence remain suspended.. Yet, she muses, since she lives across from the historic quarters of Marie Antoinette, perhaps she should paint the rain as the youthful queen coming toward her balcony with a basket of flowers, reminding her that youth will always live in the mind. Imagination retains its timeless vitality and bridges the passage from season to season, from one year to the next.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.