About Sunday Evening

This poem, inspired by Marie-France's tender painting, "Lovers at first sight", is about a woman who views the bond between her husband and herself at twilight. For the moment, her soul steps outside the body and watches from a distance how she and her partner look as a couple. She is a woman mending his shirt. He is a man who stands behind holding the chair steady, keeping it balanced for her convenience and safety.

As she examines the situation closer, she perceives that sewing a button on his cuff is an act of nurturing as well as repairing fabric. There are other minor problems that need tending like the chair leg and hints of slight tension between them as a couple. Yet, for tonight, one act of mending will suffice. It bonds the two of them with an intimate sense of trust and respect. She feels his cologne breathing through her hair and knows they are sanctified by this fragrant peace, this deep, affectionate silence.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.