About Puck
( In a world turned upside down)

This poem based on the magic splendor of Marie-France's painting, Elf by Night, looks at the folkloric character of Puck. Classically known in Shakespeare's play and French fairy tales as an impish boy, the subject's voice and gender change (in this verse) to show a female side of savvy mischief and romantic charm.

In a sassy dialog with her viewers, the feminine sprite defines herself. She declares her shortened name is derived from pulchritude, a Latin-rooted word meaning of great beauty or graceful appeal. Yet, she prefers the sound and rhythmic quickness of her one-syllable identity, (Puck). It energizes her confidence and flair.

Mid-Summer's Eve is a time of enchantment when all logic is abandoned and delightful chaos erupts. Elf by Night invites us to dream and perceive a shapely fairy in Puck's mirror, a girl who flirtatiously turns myth and literary tradition upside down.

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