About On Cape Ferret

"On Cape Ferret" is a poem inspired by the wild landscape and loveliness of Marie-France's coastal painting,  "Cap-Ferret Le Magnifique". And as her French title suggests, this place and this painting are both magnificent. Looking at the blue horizon and the water flowing  toward a beach of sand and grass, I envisioned nature's isolated stage at the beginning of Autumn.  The tourists have gone. Only the wind walks the beach, carrying  the whispers of artists who have stayed and worked here a hundred years before. These spectral characters  re-enact their past lives and invoke their strong passions.  There is the sculptor and his model arguing over broken china during a picnic. The fractured plate represents more than flawed porcelain; it mirrors the man's impatience and need for harmonious perfection in all aspects of his life. In order to create, he must have his inspiration (whether woman or object)  perfectly poised and silent.

  Further down the beach, there is the painter frustrated with himself and nature's lack of motivation.  He stares at the blank canvas and feels adrift without any goals or creative direction. He feels an affinity with the boat just floating on the tide, idly passing the hours with no mapped destination at hand.

  Yet, the most engaging person, is the young man sitting among the rows of gold shrubbery. He has come here to meditate, to find solace in the sea air and  write a screen play. Knowing conflict is the heart of all drama, he lets his mind wander. With his shirt sleeves unbuttoned and his imagination loosened as well,  he feels the impact of the haunted breeze,  senses its emotional power and begins to write. With an actor's love, he embraces the wind, the diverse possibilities of time and place. 

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.