A Dream Of Persia
For Clotilde Reiss

(She seems one of those rare, wonderful people who fall in love with a country at a young age and revel in the beauty of the language, culture and society for the rest of their lives.)
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(Poem by Wendy Howe )

came to you as a child,
her shadow on the face
of the nurse minding you,

her breath
in the words and perfume
of this woman cradling
your innocence.

You loved the scent,
the song in her voice
pitching fables and fruits
from her homeland that grafted
its beauty to your bone.

The ache for more
intensified with years.

beckoned you as a girl
leaning over some book
and watching a page
become a tracery of script
that peered into the verse
of her ancient tongue.

You covered your hair with a shawl
revealing dark bangs and respect
as your hands carried luggage
off the plane holding
the weight of apparel, not the West.

welcomed the student with light.
The sky adorned its ceiling
with a mosaic of stars,

minarets glittered
as if they were tall
coffee pots hosting a meal,
fine conversation

and the wind
always near, a mild hum
of weather among the cypress trees;

but in June, the nation stormed.
Riots enflamed the streets with protest
while you stood watching.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.

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tended your tenacity
as you stayed taking pictures
with a mobile phone. She lit
the straw lungs within you

and let fire spring
from the dry harvest of breath, this prayer
flaring from the emblematic spark
of a name, your own
battle cry to survive

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