About Ma Belle Mané

This poem is dedicated to Marie-France and the memory of her beloved aunt, Tante  Mané.  The beautifully nostalgic, "Balcon sur mon enfance",  inspired this verse.  The speaker addresses her darling aunt and asks if her spirit is standing on the terrace of her youth where she grew up as a child adoring the countryside of Gascony.

Throughout the stanzas, the lovely artist remembers how this cherished relative influenced her life. She recalls how "ma belle Mané "  sang to her as a child,  how she guided her to the literary garden of Colette and fortified her appreciation for all the splendid things in nature and life. From these precious moments of reflection, the speaker realizes her aunt has helped her to evolve into a sensitive woman, an artist who has been blessed and touched by Manés insight. She passionately exclaims to her aunt that dreams have shadowed her mind like butterfly wings she could never touch but could feel breathing in her own brush strokes on canvas. And for this legacy, this gift of the human spirit, she is divinely blessed and grateful.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.