About Observing A Window Near Daybreak

Nothing is more serene than that time of  morning when  lamps still light the street and their glow filters through the blossoming trees. This idea was  inspired by Marie-France's gorgeous painting, "Une lanterne en Fleurs."   As day break settles on the horizon,  the observer peers through her window and watches the almond flowers quiver in the wind. She thinks of  a painting by van Gogh and feels his spirit is visiting her with inspiration, " a need to redeem something lost and salvage it with love." 

  During the last hour, she has been sewing buttons on her lover's shirts.  They are elegant garments but ones he owned long before he met her. Now on a break from this meticulous chore, she acknowledges, to herself,  that she has made them "wearable" once again. She has redeemed clothing which had been judged useless;  but has also stitched her devotion into the fabric. The thread is dark; and she only wishes she could have fastened those buttons with a strand of  her  own  brunette hair.  

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.