Of what I have lived and of what I imagine
I will never end writing your song.

                            Jean Ferrat (1930-2010)
(Poem by Wendy Howe )

A swallow
flies against the  moon,
 her wings turning the moment

Somewhere a man
is passing in his sleep.
He journeys
through an album of scenes
that defines his life.
beyond the night's fog and shadow.

For years,
he sang the poems
of a French poet
he revered, a man
who blessed him with
the eyes of Elsa;

and like this bird
who nests in some chimney
along the Paris skyline,

he lodged his voice
in the throats of many
who listened

and felt its echo
hover in soft air.
Their own breath
gave buoyancy to its sound

and the shape of hope
stemming from each song:
a mountain, a tree, a lattice
of steel towering
against the sky.

"Mon Hommage à Jean FERRAT"

(Drawing by )

Mon Hommage à Jean FERRAT

© 2011,

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Tonight, his words enwreath
The Eiffel Tower,
a vine of lights
the late morning
will not extinguish.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.

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