When viewing Marie-France's gorgeous painting,  "Belle, comme un rêve de pierre", I felt this exotic sense of escape..  I thought of a  woman lounging on a stone balcony, away from the noise and interruptions of the "wired world."  The tropical heat induces her to dream and  release all the anxiety she has about her marriage and career. Here, she is isolated on a Caribbean island and surrenders her body and mind to the  sun.  This garden terrace becomes a sauna; and the worries she has over her relationship and  job are exorcised like spirits by the steam. Those  emotions are banished to the other side of the island and symbolically stored in a volcanic vault, or as the poem states, "haunting a Basalt tomb."  The female form and spirit are transformed while a blue niche of sky shows through her arched leg, a  portion of the day carved out to host the warm presence of Saint Lucia.  The island's patroness breathes a blessed amen, confirming this serene miracle of relaxation..

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