Lady on A Chaise Lounge
(Poem by Wendy Howe )

The loose hair
stolen from Rapunzel's look
and falling down your back,
draws intrigue, confidence
that the unseen face
will match its silken gold..
The man viewing this
smiles, trusting his instincts.

Yet, he can only speculate
on how your eyes
seductively prowl
the  rustling waves
framed by the window.
A schooner''s sail
is starched with salt
and waits to be lured
by an island.fragrant
with almonds and pomegranates,
sweet sins of  the orchard.

He does not know
the boat is all mirage,
not a wooden vessel
trophied on the horizon's wind.
You conjured its shape
with the glitter of an evening star
and your imagination.

Soon you will rise,
light as those palm leaves
spouting grace,
latch the shutters
and turn around
 showing him
who rules this harem of dreams,

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" Odalisque inconnue "

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Odalisque inconnue

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 who quiets or stirs
the wild impulse.within.  A sleek
doberman leans against your knee;.
like all protective animals,
she will guard her mistress
and  even make
the drapery wince
with her slow, suspicious breathing.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.

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