Partage du Matin
(Traveling in modes of thought)

(Poem by Wendy Howe )

Besides the blackbird poised
on tangled vines that net
a flash of sun --
                 there is the east window.

        * * * * *

This window with its shutters
open, launched for daylight,

views the sky and stone
wall changing to the side

of a ship's deck
                 that hosts the shuffle
                 of chairs and cards.

I am already there
sailing on Claudel's cruise
into the South China Sea.

I wear pearls and smile
confident my husband is loyal
while most characters cheat
gambling with a sacred trust.

Their noonday sun
is so hot that shadows seem
like stains of cardinal sin
                 on their nautical white
                 cuffs and pleats.

Champagne glitters
on silver trays. We cross
the meridian
into the next day, another scene
of decadence -- but I
twist my ring
as if turning a doorknob
and resume life in our Summer home.

        * * * * *

The curtains ripple, full
of your shadow in the garden
and light hammering of nails.

                 A bird startled
and our trellis nearly built,
I call you in
for breakfast, grateful
                 to grind the coffee,
                 to peel cold fruit
for a man I love
so much more
than on the day I wove
orange blossoms through my hair.
© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.

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Voyage immobile

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