(Poem by Wendy Howe )

Rising golden

from the ruins of Winter, roots

transplanted here

from China 's soil,

you crown the garden wall

and give the wind
flowers before leaves,
maidenhood with all
the grace
of anticipation.

You let the girl keep
 her hope virginal,
open to stars, new grass
 and Spring rain
without suspicion.

Later, your stems
will become more
definitive with leaves.

Leaves to be read
by the midwife
who perceives how chlorophyll
consumes the veins, how truth
makes use of light
and can foreshadow trends,

 a wasp's nest
stashed in the corner
like bridal lace
turned beige and paper-frail,
easily torn by touch

or a humid
air mass that stays
immovable for days, breath
of a partnership grown stale.
 or now you spill
But for now you spill
blond and breathless
over the stonewall.

" Portrait d'un printemps "

(Drawing by )

 Portrait d'un printemps

© 2011,

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Crevices go unnoticed
and I need to feel
that optimism flare, struck
by an ancient match, an instinct
to rediscover love. Your life

was born long ago
in a mountain pass
that cherished  dawn.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.

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