About Portrait Of The Elusive

This month's poem, based on Marie-France's gorgeous design, " Le Loup, la Biche et le Chevalier ", studies the essence of being "elusive" in regard to the contemplative woman, the Autumn landscape and the mystery surrounding both. Details in this piece suggest the lovely socialite, holding a martini in her gloved hand, is haunted by something beyond neighborhood gossip; memories, an addiction, or even an artificial identity. As she looks through her window and sees a doe running across the lawn, startled by the movement of its own shadow, she identifies herself with the vulnerable deer. She feels stalked by her own specter of insecurity and a threat of the unknown. She swirls the glass and observes the olive wondering if it has a stone/pit or if the inside is hollow. Then she compares the validity of her fear to  that question; does her anxiety have substantial cause or is it unfounded, empty like a pitless fruit? Before she conceives an answer, her attention is diverted to  a half moon in the Autumn sky. Like a demi-mask worn at a masquerade party, it stares back at her. And behind that lunar facade, a darker side or more secretive self (possibly) waits to be released or acknowledged.

© 2011, Wendy Howe. E-mail.