About THEM

The sensually intriguing image of " Voilà la femme ! " by Marie-France inspired this month's poem. Simply entitled, "them", it defines the  mystique of both  woman and  cat. In matters of seduction and secretive allure, the instinctive ways of the feline are synonymous with those of the sly female. The hypnotic woman in this painting has the animal perched on her head and advances toward the viewer with chic confidence and purpose. Whenever either species glides past, the fine stillness of china, wood, copper or glass, suddenly captures this glimmering shadow of celerity, beautiful and distracting. It lends those objects a fleeting but erratic sense of fire, much like the unpredictable mood of that sleek woman and cat who haunt or rule the house of passion.

© 2012, Wendy Howe. E-mail.