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de Jeanne BOURIN

"Un Livre des Voix". France-Culture
Réalisation Claude MOURTHÉ

Lu par Jeanne BOURIN, avec Christophe, Sophie et Thomas RIVIERE.

In Constantinople in 1097, Christophe, Sophie and Thomas are living in a magic tale where supernatural is combined with the History.
"L'Ami Séraphin"
L'Ami Séraphin. Pen Drawing, Sepia ink & pencils.

The artist has very freely imagined our young heroes on board of a flying carpet in the azure, above the Basilique Sainte-Sophie, in its bosky bower.

Dessin à la plume / Pen Drawing
Figuratif / Figurative
Encre Sepia / Sepia ink
Crayons aquarellables / Pencils 50x65cm

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