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"Les yeux de ton visage, Amour, ont près de moi
 La clarté patiente des étoiles.
 De la nuit, de la mer, des îles sans escales.
 Je ne crains rien si tu m'as reconnue   Mon amour, de bien loin, pour toi je suis venue."...

                          Sabine SICAUD
                         ("Chemins", 1958)

Age tendre
Age tendre. Drawing, portrait, inks, red chalk.

Created moving young girl portrait. Under an old-fashioned hat, decorated with roses, her lovely fresh visage with immense eyes, seems being waiting for Love.

Delicate portrait inspired by splendid Sabine SICAUD lines, very young exceptionally gifted french poetess, dead when she was only 15 years old.
( From : blog de Claude MOURTHÉ ).



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