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From the splendid picture by Anne-Marie LAMBEY. L'étang de Thau ("little inside sea") and its panoramic view on Mont Saint-Clair. Here, between foliage and rocks, Mont Saint-Clair is emerging from the blue sea around Sète (South of France).
Paul Valéry and Jean Vilar graves are taking place on this "Blue Isle".
Georges Brassens too is resting there, under the shade of a parasol pine, facing Etang de Thau.

"Is it too much to ask for, on my little piece of ground,
 Please, set a kind of pine, parasol pine preferably."
                          Georges BRASSENS
L'étang de Thau
L'étang de Thau. Encres, pastels, gouache.

From the splendid picture
by Anne-Marie LAMBEY

Inks, pastels, gouache


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