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300+ Art works by many French Artists :
Drawing, painting, sculpture, photograph,... :

Artistes Libres

Journal des Demoiselles
French Fashion in 1894
Original Color Plates and Texts :

Journal des Demoiselles, La Mode en 1894
300 Art works by french artist Marie-France RIVIERE :
Women's portraits and nudes. Sanguines, charcoal, pastels... :

French painter Marie-France RIVIERE on EXPO2000

To see excerpts of this collection go to :

Drawings by french painter Marie-France RIVIERE

or to :

Amazing Secret Beauties by french painter Marie-France RIVIERE
100 Art works by french artist CARRIZEY :
Volcanos, seascapes, birds, landscapes, masks, ...
Oils, watercolors, pastels, ... :

French painter CARRIZEY

Poems by Claude Mourthé :

Poems by Claude Mourthé

Tons of Sky Shots at :

Sky Symphony On Paris

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